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Winners of the 2022 Family Promise Resurrection Run!

UPDATE:  we have a few GREEN shirts from last year’s race OR light blue shirts available for people who registered past the guaranteed shirt deadline.)  We also have socks if you didn’t get a shirt we are happy to put your name on the item of your choice and it will be available at the Thrift Store for pick up!


If you didn’t pick up your medal  or you signed up after the race T-shirt deadline but would like to have a shirt

(there are only a few sizes available and will be first come first served)

please call (865)-233-4737

text ‪(865) 816-9473‬


Photos can be found on our  Facebook page  (please Like us!)

Female overall:  Jennifer McKelvey

Male overall:  Carter Engle

Female Masters: Melissa Cross

Male Masters: Brent Bueche

Female Grandmasters: Megan Kenner

Male Grandmasters: Marty McCarter 

‪Male 70+  1. Jeff Cobb  2. Rob Williamson   3. Timothy Crawford

Female 70+  1. Katherine Swartz  2. Tykey Truett  3. Jean Williamson

Male 60-69  1. Maurice Briere  2. Jess Hernandez  3. Kim Stephen Teffeteller

Female 60-69  1. Becky Terner  2. Marianne Searfoss  3. Debbie Gronstrom

Male 50-59 1. Kendall Freeman  2. Brian Inman  3. Gary Thomas

Female 50-59  1. Mamie Boling  2. Diane Hendrix  3. Sherri Martin

Male 40-49 1. Luca Giori  2. Daniel Adame  3. Ryan Engle

Female 40-49  1. Muna Rodriguez  2. Michelle Collins  3. Erin Rasar

Male 30-39  1. Eric Weatherbee  2. Matthew Benz-Whittingham  3. Matt McSpadden

Female 30-39 1. Melissa Duckett  2. Crystal Woosley  3. Lindsey Ferguson

Male 20-29  1. Samuel Good 2. Nick Holloway  3. Henry Leachman

Male 12-19  1. Kaden Engle  2. Nathaniel Haynes  3. David Dando

Female 12-19  1. Tinsley Smith

Female 11 and under 1. Taylee Smith