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Our Programs

Family Promise implements a streamlined three-step program to aid families in overcoming homelessness. Beginning with our Family Shelter Program, families receive immediate support, followed by our Transitional Housing Program to secure permanent housing. Finally, our Going Home, Staying Home Program provides ongoing assistance, ensuring families maintain stability in their new homes.



Family Shelter

Family Promise is a program that aims to assist individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness in regaining stability and finding a home of their own. The program begins with the Family Shelter Program, which specifically targets families with children who are looking to improve their circumstances.

During their time in the shelter program, families receive a safe and secure place to stay together, with separate bedrooms provided for each family. They are also provided with an ample amount of food and surrounded by supportive individuals who genuinely care about their well-being.

At Family Promise, each family is assigned a Case Manager who works closely with them to help them achieve their personal goals, with the ultimate objective being to secure and transition them back into their own homes as quickly as possible. These goals can include finding employment or a steady income source, obtaining transportation, saving money, enrolling children in school, and any other objectives that are important to the family.

The program emphasizes the idea that one’s past does not have to dictate their future. Through the support and resources offered by Family Promise, families are empowered to take control of their destinies and create a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones.



Transitional Housing

Once a family completes the Family Shelter program, they have the opportunity to participate in the Transitional Housing program offered by Family Promise. To be eligible for this program, families must apply and undergo a selection process.

If accepted, families will be provided with a fully furnished apartment or house to reside in during their time in the Transitional Housing program. This ensures that families have a stable and comfortable living environment as they continue to work towards their goals.

Throughout their stay in Transitional Housing, families will continue to receive support from a dedicated Case Manager who will help them develop and work towards meeting their personal goals. Families will also be required to sign a program agreement, outlining their commitment to actively working towards securing permanent housing for themselves and their loved ones.

The primary focus of the Transitional Housing program is to empower families by assisting them in finding a safe and permanent housing solution. By providing ongoing support and resources, Family Promise helps families navigate the process of transitioning from Temporary Housing to stable and settled living arrangements that they can call their own.



Going Home, Staying Home

Families who have completed the Family Shelter or Transitional Housing Program are eligible for continued services through the Going Home, Staying Home Program.

This program aims to provide continued support and assistance to families who have successfully secured a lease with a landlord in Blount County. Even after moving into their own homes, participants in the Going Home, Staying Home program will have access to a dedicated Case Manager who can offer guidance and support based on their individual needs and preferences.

The Case Manager can assist with a range of important areas, including money management, setting and achieving goals for the future, and accessing additional resources that may be beneficial to the family’s continued stability. The level of involvement and support provided by the Case Manager is determined by the family’s preferences and requirements.

By staying connected to the Going Home, Staying Home program, families can maintain access to a variety of resources designed to help them sustain their housing stability and achieve long-term success. These resources may include workshops, classes, referrals to community services, and ongoing support from Family Promise and its partner agencies.

The Going Home, Staying Home program reinforces Family Promise’s commitment to assisting families not only in finding their own homes but also in providing the necessary support and resources to help them maintain their housing and thrive in their new environment.