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Food Rescue

Today we want to thank our partners in Food Rescue!

The Food Donation Connection helps us provide food for our Shelter, Transitional Housing, and Going Home Staying Home families.

Papa Johns Pizza

Chick-fil-A Foothills Mall 

Panera Bread 

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

These restaurants participate in the food rescue program and partner with Family Promise.  Once or twice a week we pick up food donations that otherwise would be thrown away.

These programs are so essential for providing food to our families.  We saw a large increase for requests in December – parents can’t work when they have to take care of sick children, and most of our families don’t have sick days – so if they don’t work they don’t get paid.  This food rescue helps them feed their children.  Our Shelter families have breakfast and lunch here at the day center (or can pack a lunch to take to work or school) from our Food Rescue.

When we have food we can’t store, we share it with other ministries and agencies that we partner with including Haven House, Louisville Christian Center and God’s Kitchen Ministries.

If you are thinking about eating out this month please support these restaurants with your business and tell them thank you for supporting Family Promise and Food Rescue!

Need Resources?  

We often get calls from people looking for food and while we don’t have the resources to provide food to people who aren’t in our programs,  we are blessed to have many partner agencies and churches that provide this service to our neighbors in Blount County:

Want to help? 

If you are interested in helping with food rescue – picking up donated food, donating food containers, (ziplock bags, tin foil, large paper lunch bags) please click our Immediate Needs page or give us a call at 865-233-4737.