Immediate Needs

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Gift Cards are always appreciated for groceries, gas, or Uber.


updated 3/29/2021

Infant Motrin – Infant Tylenol

Children’s Benadryl

Ziploc Bags all sizes (snack, sandwich, quart, gallon)


Ceiling Fan light Bulbs (Size B11)

dish soap

clear storage totes with lids

disinfecting wipes or spray any brand

Gift Cards – gas, uber, or uber eats

  • BABY
    • Diapers Any Size
    • Pullups Boy and Girl Any Size
    • Baby Wipes
    • Baby lotion (unscented)
    • Diaper cream
    • Dishwasher soap tabs
    • Liquid Dish Soap
    • Lysol spray & Clorox Wipes  (any brand – disinfecting wipes/spray)
    • All-purpose cleaner
    • Laundry Detergent (pods)
    • Tall kitchen trash cans  (the families take these when they move out)
    • Trash bags (large kitchen size)
    • Trash bags (30 Gallon)
    • bed pillows (standard, basic white pillows)
    • Kid’s cough medicine, cough drops, and Vick’s Vaporub
    • Adult cough/cold/flu medicine
    • Kid-friendly flavor chapstick
    • Snacks – fruit cups, granola bars, etc.
    • Unscented lotion for dry skin


    • anything for parents and children – contact us to “adopt” a family for a holiday or when they come to shelter!
    • non food items pencils, small toys, art supplies
  • For families when they move to a Transitional Apartment or out to Permanent Housing
    • any cleaning supplies
    • any laundry items
    • any easy kid-friendly meal ingredients (spaghetti and sauce, mac n cheese, baking mixes etc.)
    • any kitchen items (mixing spoons, measuring spoons/cups, kid-friendly plates/bowls/cups, etc.)
    • Towels, washcloths, Kitchen towels, pot holders
    • “Welcome Home” gifts  – home decor, photo frame, we have even received cute house “plants” (plastic but they looked real!)
    • Anything hand made or a handwritten note or card of encouragment
    • A laundry basket makes a great basket!