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Keeping Families Home for Good

Family Promise is a nationwide organization envisioning a future where every family possesses a home, sustenance, and the opportunity to forge a brighter tomorrow.

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Our Programs

We are committed to providing a path to stability for unhoused families in our community. Our main program is structured into three essential steps, each designed to guide and support families on their journey toward secure and stable housing. These steps encompass a comprehensive approach that includes a safe place to stay, transitional housing, and ongoing assistance. Through this three-step process, we are dedicated to helping unhoused families regain their footing, find safe and permanent housing, and ultimately, rebuild their lives with hope and dignity.

Step 1

Family Shelter
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Family Shelter

We start with our Family Shelter Program. While your family is in our shelter program, you will have a safe place to stay together as a family, a separate bedroom for your family, plenty of food, and lots of people who care for you.

Step 2

Transitional Housing
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Transitional Housing

After you complete the Family Shelter program, you have a couple of options. The first option is our Transitional Housing program. After you apply for and are accepted, you will have a fully furnished apartment or house for your family.

Step 3

Going Home, Staying Home
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Going Home, Staying Home

In this program, we want to help you after you sign a lease with a landlord in Blount County. You will still have access to a case manager, who will help you as much or as little as you want during this time with things like money management, setting goals for the future, and much more.

Second Chance Thrift Store

The Second Chance Thrift Store serves as both a retail store and a social enterprise to support the programs and services provided by Family Promise of Blount County. The thrift store offers a wide range of gently used and affordable items, including clothing, furniture, household goods, electronics, books, and more. The store operates on a donation-based model, relying on community members to contribute items they no longer need.