Thinking about donating a car this holiday season?

Thinking about donating a car this holiday season?

We get requests for cars all the time.  Transportation is essential in Blount County to maintain employment.  Our families (and the families served in our partner agencies) are employed but ubers are expensive, and sometimes walking or riding a bicycle isn’t practical.

We depend on our generous community to supply these vehicles.  If you have a car you aren’t using please consider donating it to a family who needs “Wheels To Work”




Donate a Wheels to Work Car

Donate: ? How can I donate a car?

Call 865-233-4737

?Fill out this form? and it will contact Staff to get the process started!


Fill out the online forms here and print or we can prepare them for you to sign at the office (these do not automatically send to Family Promise).

  1. Affadavit of Non Dealer transfers of Motor Vehicle – Donor
  2. fill-in IRS DONATION form


Donate: ?What type of car can I donate?

Does it run? Yes ✅

Any make

Any model

We can take a car that needs minor repairs, but if the cost of repairs totals more than half the value of the car we may have to sell or scrap the vehicle.This money goes back into this program to repair the next vehicle.