University of Tennessee Learning Through Giving – Fall Semester 2021

University of Tennessee Learning Through Giving – Fall Semester 2021

Proud to announce Family Promise of Blount County and Family Promise of Roane County have been chosen to receive the University to Tennessee Learning Through Giving Grant (for a second year!) 

This capacity-building grant requires a team of agencies to collaborate on a proposal.  Both agencies must be a member of the Alliance for Better Nonprofits.

Then teams of students, from all different majors, choose a proposal that they connect with. They look at all aspects of both nonprofits: finances, programs, and the needs in our community. They toured our centers, asked great questions, and then went home to read financial reports and do their own research.  (Then they called us back to ask more questions!)

The class meets and the student teams present and defend why the proposal should be funded.

Last year we were able to work with Omega Digital Solutions to integrate our website prescreen form with our database, saving staff time and giving our guests a convenient, non-threatening way to ask for help.

This year we will purchase hotspots, Chromebooks and tablets for both loaner libraries.  Our guests will be able to check out what they need to apply for jobs, fill out housing applications, take online courses, and so much more!

We love working with these students and the University of Tennessee Haslam School of Business.   It is truly an honor to work with these world-changers!  

Special thanks to

Dr. Alex Miller and Kitty P Cornett

Zachary Marlow

Baylee Waye