Are you age 13-22 and have a Big Idea to change our community?

Are you age 13-22 and have a Big Idea to change our community?

Are you age 13-22?  Do you have a heart for community service through scouts or school or your church?

((Or do you teach or mentor someone in this age group and can help us partner?))

Do you have an interest in serving families experiencing homelessness?

We would love to partner on this if you have a BIG IDEA

Apply by November 13, 2020

United Way/Pop-Tarts® Unwrap the Future Challenge

Whether it’s a written story, video, or illustration, it doesn’t matter. We just want to spark your creativity and help bring your idea, energy, and passion for Maryville, TN – Blount Co to life.  How would you spend $2500 to bring about change?

Make sure your idea and application addresses these questions:

  1. What’s the issue or problem you’d like to help address in your community?
  2. What’s your BIG IDEA to help address the issue?
  3. When would your project take place?
  4. Who will you partner with to help succeed (i.e., your local United Way, a local non-profit, your school or church)
  5. How will you know the project has been a success?

Family Promise wants to hear your ideas – we want you to be creatuve –  but if you are interested but just don’t know where to start – Please call us.  We’ll sit down over a Pop-Tart and help you brainstorm!  (We can also Zoom!)

You never know what amazing ideas young people have to change the world – but we would love to explore them with you!

Thank you United Way of Blount County for sharing this with us!