Seeing OUR Day Center through a Trauma Informed Care Lens

Seeing OUR Day Center through a Trauma Informed Care Lens

Last week we were excited to see Family Promise of Blount County Day Center photos included in a webinar from Family Promise National – “Seeing Your Day Center Through a Trauma Informed Care Lens”

We were really excited to have our photos chosen and wanted to share the comments made by the presenters.

Christine Carter-Love from the Monmouth County NJ affiliate said “What we know about trauma, is that it’s paralyzing, it can be debilitating, and it provokes shame and powerlessness right?  So when we see this day center that’s not what we see. 

We see warm, open, welcoming. 

This feels like home and it reduces the level of trauma that we see first-hand in some of our families.”

She also spoke about using perspective of the children to really view a space.  Getting down on their level.

“Do we see lights, signage on the doors, clean space, a space for the children to play, age appropriate toys, kitchen tables, rocking chairs?”  Kaela also remarked about the art on the walls and clear signs for the bathrooms.

We loved seeing the other affiliates welcoming spaces, and appreciated that objective eyes see what we want to convey here.

Leadership Blount Class of 2017 did the renovations at our Day Center. Our case manager April Smith is always working to make things more welcoming.  She moved her office and changed the old office into a “living room space” to do intake and case management with families. Instead of sitting behind a desk to talk to families now she can sit in the circle with the family conveying that feeling of collaboration.

Family Promise  National provides such wonderful trainings for our affiliates!
Thank you to Christine Love at Family Promise of Monmouth County for her part of the training and willingness to let us share!
We appreciate everyone at National, and our regional director Jeanna Beck for helping us be the best we can be to impact our most vulnerable families to feel at home!