Wheels To Work – it takes a community!

Joe and Sara’s family needed a reliable vehicle to get Dad to work,  and we were able to provide one through Wheels to Work!

Let me tell you a little about all the partners that came together to make this happen:

1800 Charity Cars called us because Family Promise National told them we had a vehicle program providing families with transportation to work! They told us they had a donated car that needed a home!

We have “Wheels to Work” because of a  United Way of Blount County grant! Because Change Doesn’t Happen Alone!  I also have to put in a mention for the Helpline meeting that happens there.  So many agencies and ministries are involved and the United Way of Blount County facilitates partnerships.  It is an incredible opportunity to find out what is happening in Blount County, and be able to come up with solutions!

When we need to make sure a car is road ready one of the places we take it to  is Autopro.  For this car they made a few minor repairs, changed the windshield wipers and we were back on the road (the United Way grant covers minor repairs as well!)

When a family applies for a car one of the requirements  is they will participate in a budgeting program.  Again they have some choices, Good Neighbors provides 1:1 budgeting assistance and they helped Joe and Sara create a plan!

Families need to provide their own insurance and can choose from any company.   This family choseDavid Anderson Shelter Insurance  David is a big help to Family Promise!

Our grant provides the registration fees and we appreciate theBlount County Clerk’s office for all they do to make that process easy!

The grant also provides AAA membership   an additional safety net for our families while they are on the road.

(and if you call Bruce and tell him you are a part of the Family Promise Family of Volunteers he has a discount for you too!)


Now the family has one year to work on goals.  Along the way they have the opportunity to earn gas cards, a car care kit, and the title to the car.  The best part of this job is seeing people when they get the keys and again when they get the title! I wish all of our partners could be in the office when that happens (but you see it would be very crowded!)

Family Promise of Blount County appreciates everyone that made this possible for Joe and Sara’s family!

Special Thanks to Dr. Philip Hoffman, our Board Member who serves on this committee, and can change a car battery!

Thank you to our community for all you do – helping parents have Wheels to Work!

If you or your  business  has any interest in Wheels to Work

We would love to speak to you!

  • Sponsorship –  our grant was a one year grant and we need your help to keep filling this need!

  • if you can donate anything that might help our families (things like oil changes, car washes, floor mats, ice scrapers etc.)

  • if you can change a battery or just really enjoy detailing a car   (The school age groups have had a lot of fun with this in the warm weather! )

Please call Lorrie Crockett the Wheels to Work Coordinator at Family Promise 865-233-4737.  We need you to join our community!

And if you see this       you can click on the name of the partner above to learn more!