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Smith family - vehicleInterested in how Family Promise can help YOUR family?  Call us today at 865-233-4737 or stop by our office and let’s discuss your options! 


We start with our Family Shelter Program first.

We work with families that have children and want to change their futures. While your family is in our shelter program, you will have a safe place to stay together as a family, a separate bedroom for your family, plenty of food, and lots of people who care for you.  In Family Shelter, a case manager works with you to help you meet your goals – primarily to get you back into permanent housing as quickly as possible!  These goals can also include getting a job/income, finding transportation, saving money, getting your children in school, and anything else that is important to you.   Your past does not have to predict your future…you can get your family back to where you want to be!



After you complete the Family Shelter program, you have a couple of options.  The first option is Bridges, our Transitional Housing program.

After you apply for and are accepted to Bridges, you will have a fully furnished apartment or house for your family (includes washer & dryer and dishwasher.)  The program fees for Bridges are 30% of your income after taxes.  While in Bridges, you will continue to work with a case manager and on meeting your goals.   You will sign a program agreement to stay in Bridges for 30 days at a time, and you can apply for extensions to stay longer if you are continuing to work on specific goals.  Your case manager will also help you work toward permanent housing so you and your family can be safe and settled!



Another option when you complete Family Shelter or Bridges is our Going Home, Staying Home program.

In this program, we want to help you with deposits and rent to get into an apartment or house where you will sign a lease with a landlord in Blount County.  You will still have access to a case manager, who will help you as much or as little as you want during this time with things like money management, setting goals for the future, and much more.  Furniture, rental assistance, gift cards, and extra help in some areas like childcare are just a few of the benefits we want to help you with if you stay connected to the Going Home, Staying Home program.  We want you to have your permanent home and be able to keep it!!

Interested in how Family Promise can help YOUR family?  Call us today at 865-233-4737 or stop by our office and let’s discuss the options! 

Need help in another language? Call our office at 865-233-4737 and we can use a Language Line service for help. This service is free translation, so please call us between 8 AM to 5:00 PM. on Monday through Friday.

Necesita ayuda en otra lengua? Llame nuestra oficina al 865-233-4737 y podemos usar un servicio Language Line para ayudarse. Este servicio de traducion es gratis, asi que por favor llamanos entre 8:00 hasta 17:00 sobre Lunes a Viernes.